Ladder 226

A 1991 E-One 75 ft. ladder with a 1500 gpm pump. It has a 500 gallon water tank, 400 feet of 4 inch hose, 200 feet of 2.5 inch hose and 2- 1 3/4 200 feet of preconnects. A generator and NFPA compliant equipment. The unit previously saw service with the Westville Fire Department in Gloucester County, NJ

Engine 222

2009 E-One 1750 g.p.m. 720 gallons of water, 50 gallons Class A CAFS System, 10000 Watt Harrison generator, All NFPA complaint equipment, Thermal Imaging Camera, 3 SCBA’s with four spare cylinders, 1500′ 4″ supply hose, 2 – 200′ 1 ½ attack hose, 200’ 2.5 Blitz line, 100’ 1 ¾ front trash line, 6 16 inch smoke ejectors, various fittings, 4 ton wench, CO meter, Gas meter, 500 MHz radios Salem and Gloucester County capabilities, Low Band frequencies including Atlantic, Camden and Cumberland Counties, South Jersey Network and Forestry Service

Engine 221

1989 Pierce 1500 g.p.m. 1000 gallons water 6 man cab, 3000 watt inverter, All NFPA compliant equipment, a 24″ positive pressure ventilation fan, 3000 watt Nite Scan light tower, 1500 4″ supply hose, 2 – 200′ 1 3/4 attack line, 250′ 2 ½ blitz line, Holmatro combination tool, 8 SCBA’s, 12 spare air cylinders, miscellaneous fittings 2.5 in. through 6 in. Thermal camera, Scott Scout Gas / CO / O2 meter, 500 MHz radio systems with Salem and Gloucester Counties capability, Low Band radio capabilities, First Aid kit, K Tool, portable lighting, L/Z landing equipment.

Resuce 229

1998 Pierce Rescue Engine 1250 g.p.m. 700 water, 50 gallons AFFF foam, Air conditioned equipped, 2 – 200’ 1 ½ preconnects, 1 – 1 ½ trash line, Cascade system with 4 – 6000 lb. bottles capable of filling 4500 psi cylinders with Sierra booster system, 40 KW AMPS electrical system, 6000 watt Nite Scan light tower, various cutting equipment ( sawzall electric and battery, K-12, air chisel, air cut saw, chain ), drills, 1, 1.5 and 2 ton come a longs, CO / Gas O2 detectors, Cribbing: 2×4, 4×4, 6×6, high pressure air bags: 2 – 24×24 67,442 lbs max, 2 – 20×20 44,287 lbs max. plus smaller sizes, Low Pressure air bags 19,850 lbs max, Holmatro hydraulic rescue equipment: 27″ spreader, 5″ cutter, Combination tool 14″ spread, Rams 53″ and 33″, EMS equipment, Defibrillator, Hazardous Material Spill Control kit, Hi-Lift jacks, smoke ejectors, portable lighting, various adaptors, 5 SCBA’s with 19 spare cylinders, Air Stabilizer Struts with extensions, material spill control kit, 500 MHZ Salem and Gloucester Counties radio capabilities, Low Band capabilities including Atlantic, Camden and Cumberland Counties, South Jersey Network and Forestry Service

Tanker 225

2007 Mack / KME 1500 g.p.m. pump, 3500 gallons of water, 3500 gallon dump tank, 1800 g.p.m. dump chutes, 200′ 4 inch, 200’ 2 ½ preconnect, 400’ 1 ¾ hose preconnect, various adaptors from 2.5 to 6”, 500 MHz radio frequencies Salem and Gloucester Counties, Low Band capabilities for Atlantic, Camden and Cumberland, South Jersey Network and Forestry, NFPA compliant hand tools, 2 Scott SCBA with spare cylinders, 6 twelve volts scene lights,

Utility 227

2005 F-250 Ford pick up truck extended cab diesel, Absorbent supplies, 500 MHZ Salem and Gloucester County frequencies, Low Band radio capabilities, South Jersey Network, Forestry Fire Service

Command 22

2004 Ford Expedition, Incident Management equipment, 500 MHz Salem and Gloucester Counties radio capabilities, Atlantic, Camden, Cumberland, South Jersey Network, and Forestry Fire Service radio equipped.

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Safety News
Community CPR Training

Community CPR Training

The Willow Grove Fire Company is proud to bring back our Community CPR Certification course. The class is administered by the American Heart Association and offered to any resident of Fire District #2, Willow Grove. The course will be hosted on Saturday February...

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Company News
New Company Sign

New Company Sign

After several decades of being abused by Mother Nature, we updated the name of the company proudly displayed on the front of the station. The original letters were installed on the station during the years of the station overhaul in 1989. They served us well.

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